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"I read the description of your program and thought it ingenious. More than that, I thought it ought to find a market. I think it works."

    Dr. Thomas C. Schelling, recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Economic Science, author of The Strategy of Conflict (Cambridge: Harvard Press, 1960), Arms and Influence (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1966) and numerous other works.

"The system holds great promise as a faster and less costly method of dispute resolution."

    John J. Curtin, Jr., former President of the American Bar Association, recipient of the 2005 American Lawyer Lifetime Achievement Award.

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For a general summary of how the Fair Proposals System functions, click on Our System. For a general summary of why the System works, click on Why it Works. For an in-depth analysis of why this approach to bargaining is more effective and efficient than other approaches, click on Analytical Paper. To review and analyze a sample of how it functions, click on See a Sample. To gain a practical understanding of how it would function in your particular situation, and to see each of the six easy steps involved in initiating an invitation, click on Run a Free Test. For in-depth answers to frequently asked questions about the Fair Proposals System, why it works, and the sorts of circumstances to which it applies, review the section of the FAQs entitled Questions Frequently Asked by Parties Who Are Considering Issuing an Invitation.

In addition, a six-part series of video presentations that discuss the principles underlying our various systems (with a detailed description of the Fair Buy-Sell System and the Fair Division System in Part 4, and with a detailed description of the Fair Proposals System in Part 6) can be accessed via our YouTube Channel, which may be reached by clicking here.

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