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Invite Another Party to Use the Fair Proposals System

The steps involved in issuing an invitation through the Fair Proposals System are easy. The involved Parties consist of you (the First Party), and the party or parties to whom you wish to issue an invitation with respect to a proposed transaction (the Second Party). The involved steps are described below. Parties who are experienced in the use of the System are typically able to run through and complete all of the various steps involved in issuing an invitation in less than ten minutes:

  • Click on "Get Started" (at the bottom of this page), which will allow you to use our Registration Page to enter the names and addresses of the parties. (For purposes of running a free test of the system, you may enter fictitious names, such as Jane Doe and John Smith, and other fictitious or hypothetical data.)

  • Use our "Transaction Summary Page" to click on boxes corresponding to (a) the general nature of the contemplated transaction, (b) your deadline for the transaction to take place, and (c) the general nature of any terms that you do not wish to have disclosed to the Second Party unless and until a determination is made that those terms are fully acceptable to the Second Party. Based upon the data that you enter, a Term Sheet will be automatically generated and made available for your review.

  • Use our "Prepare Documents Page" to upload redacted copies of the documents described in the Term Sheet.

  • Use our "Define Redacted Terms Page" to confidentially define the redacted term or terms.

  • Use our "Operational Testing" pages to run a test or series of tests to see what the Second Party would see if they responded to your invitation, and to provide us with any proposed modifications to the protocols that you would want the Second Party to have to pass through as part of that process.

  • Use our "Escrow Contract Page" to review a proposed escrow contract that will have been generated based upon the data that you previously entered. If the terms of that contract are acceptable to you and to us, you will then be in a position to deposit the escrow and to have an invitation issued to the Second Party.

Once the invitation has been issued, there is nothing more for you to do. You will now either succeed in achieving an outcome that you have deemed to be fully acceptable, or you will, without your having had to (a) fully disclose that outcome, (b) signify any willingness to compromise or negotiate, or (c) enter into any sort of interim agreement with the other side, then be in a position to reasonably conclude and demonstrate that the outcome that you were willing to accept was tendered to but was not accepted by the other side.

For a general description of how your issuance of an invitation allows you to unilaterally put yourself and the other party in such a position, or to review in-depth answers to questions that are frequently asked by parties who are considering issuing an invitation, click here. To initiate an invitation, or to run a free test of the Fair Proposals System, click on the box at the bottom of this page entitled "Get Started".

Run a Free Test

You can, without incurring any cost or obligation, gain a concrete understanding of how the Fair Proposals System would work in your particular circumstances by clicking below on Get Started. For purposes of running a test, you may enter hypothetical data, rather than accurate data, for the registration and subsequent steps, and then run a sample test of the System using this website. You do not have to upload any documents in order to do this, and you will not be required to enter accurate, binding data, or to deposit any escrow, unless and until you wish to launch an invitation to another party. (If, prior to entering any data, you would like to review and analyze a sample of how the Fair Proposals System works from the perspective of the Second Party, click on the box appearing near the top of this page entitled "See a Sample.")


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