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More About the Fair Buy-Sell System

Fair Buy-Sell is a patented system used by joint owners of property - such as business partners, joint venturers, shareholders, and married couples - who wish to bring their joint ownership to an end on terms that are mutually acceptable and legally enforceable. Each party enters confidential information into the system specifying a monetary value at which it would be willing either to sell its share to the other side or to buy out the other side's share. The system compares the two offers and announces a sale to the party that offered the higher value. However, the sale price is set at the midpoint between the two offers, or at some other value arrived at by applying a mutually agreed-upon formula. The system always produces a full and complete resolution of the dispute, and it always provides each party - whether the buyer or seller - with a resolution that is more favorable to it than the one that it had proposed.

The Fair Buy-Sell system can also be configured so as to allow for multiple rounds, with feedback in between rounds, and can be used to transfer interests in properties that are not jointly owned. This relatively simple but powerful new system provides an excellent introduction to some of the basic game-theoretic principles that underlie the other systems offered by our company.

For an in-depth analysis, in PDF format, of how and why the Fair Buy-Sell system works, with citations to relevant academic authorities, click here. For a game-theoretic analysis of various features of the Fair Buy-Sell system, see, Athanassoglou, S., Brams, S.J., and Sethuraman, J., A Note on the Inefficiency of Bidding Over a Share, Mathematical Social Sciences (forthcoming) a copy of which is currently available at http://politics.as.nyu.edu/object/stevenbrams.html (note that clicking on this link will lead to an external website). Further information about this system, and access to a simple and fully automated online version of the system that we are presently offering to the public free of charge, may be obtained by clicking here.

In addition, a six-part series of video presentations that discuss the principles underlying our various systems (with a detailed description of the Fair Buy-Sell System and the Fair Division System in Part 4, and with a detailed description of the Fair Proposals System in Part 6) can be accessed via our YouTube Channel, which may be reached by clicking here.

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