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Issue an Invitation

The process of issuing an invitation with respect to a given transaction can be done in less than five minutes. The process begins by registering the transaction in question.

(If you have already registered a transaction, click here to login.)

In order to register a transaction, use the form below to provide us with basic information concerning you and the party to whom you wish to issue an invitation. This allows us to generate a username and a password for you and to begin the process of automatically generating a draft "Term Sheet" for your review and use. We will not use the information that you provide to contact the other party, or for any other purpose, unless and until you authorize us to do so. (Note: For purposes of running a free test of the system, you may enter fictitious names, such as Jane Doe and John Smith, and other fictitious or hypothetical data. Note also that this version of the Fair Buy-Sell System is still in a beta phase and that, if we are working on any given aspect of the system at the time that you use it, you may experience some processing difficulties related to that work and will not be able to "Activate" your invitation at that point in time).

Information concerning the party issuing the invitation (the "First Party"):
First Party's name:    e.g. Your name or a company name.
Please select a username
for use with the Fair
Buy-Sell system:
   Usernames are not case sensitive.
First Party's e-mail address:   
First Party's mailing address:
Information concerning the party to whom the invitation is addressed (the "Second Party"):
Second Party's name:
Second Party's e-mail address:
Second Party's mailing address:

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